Kentucky Worksite Wellness is for those interested in improving the health and economy of Kentucky through the implementation of effective comprehensive worksite wellness programs. Current initiatives are the Kentucky Worksite Wellness Initiative led by the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) and a key project being conducted by KDPH and partners, the Barren River District Worksite Wellness Pilot. The University Wellness Alliance of Kentucky (UWAK) is a separate initiative consisting of university wellness program leaders.

What started out as a place dedicated to the Kentucky Worksite Wellness Initiative (KWWI) has quickly grown broader and now also serves as home to the Barren River Worksite Wellness pilot project and the University Wellness Alliance of Kentucky (UWAK). Worksite Wellness in Kentucky is available to provide evidence-based strategic wellness program resources and support in all sectors for all size organizations and companies in the state. As we move forward to improve the health and economy in Kentucky through worksite wellness programs, it is sure others will also join us in this effort. The purpose of this initiative is to provide businesses and organizations in the state with education, technical assistance, support, resources, and tools necessary to implement effective comprehensive wellness programs including prevention and management of chronic diseases and other worksite health related issues.