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Call To Action for Worksite Wellness in Kentucky

“Creating a Healthier Kentucky through Worksite Wellness” challenges all employers in both the public and private sector, insurance companies, health care, business associations, safety and occupational health agencies, universities, and government to acknowledge and act on their opportunity to support and contribute to the establishment of comprehensive science -based worksite wellness programs

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Kentucky State of Wellness Employer Recognition Program

The Kentucky State of Wellness Employer Recognition Program provides communities an opportunity to support employers to improve the health of employees. This program is based on key modules of the Centers for Disease Control and Health Promotion (CDC)’s Worksite Health Scorecard. The Worksite Health ScoreCard is an evidence-based validated tool to implement effective health strategies at the worksite. The ScoreCard gives employers a genuine baseline from which to develop a truly comprehensive and effective worksite wellness program.

Local, Regional, National

The Employer Recognition program can be offered at a local, regional, and state level. It provides organizers an opportunity to support employers’ efforts, assess current strategies, and provide a positive public motivational experience for employers. The program uses an on-line application process, provides custom reports for employers, and organizer reports to assess current practices. For more information on how to offer the Kentucky State of Wellness Employer Recognition Program in your city or community please contact: Teresa Lovely email or phone: 270-202-1585

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